Programmer's Notepad 2.1.3 Released

A new testing release, version 2.1.3 of Programmer’s Notepad has been released to Google Code. This release fixes a bunch of bugs, but more importantly contains a complete rewrite of the Text Clips UI and Management/Editing features.

Changes in 2.1.3:

  1. Complete re-write of text clips view and clips management system

  2. End clip entry on final empty field (experimental)

  3. Smart highlight range now limited to field of view +/- 200 lines, improves speed and usability with large files.

  4. Translations now fed directly from user translation project at

  5. Switch to boost 1.42

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix magic folder path changing. Fixes bug #760.

  2. Default to UTF-8 file type if UTF-8 is our default code page. Fixes bug #821.

  3. Fix incorrect behaviour when cancelling project load. Fixes issue #797.

  4. Don’t ignore the first item when searching in Jump dialog. Fixes issue #820.

  5. Project template bugs introduced in 2.1

  6. Use correct foreground color for options section header. Fixes issue #814.

  7. Fix taggers path. Add .pyw to default ctags options.

  8. Reset chunk position at start of clip insertion. Fixes issue #805.

  9. Fix GetLongPathName call. Fixes issue #803.

  10. Don’t lowercase filename on adding new file. Fixes issue #527.


Download 2.1.3 Installer Download 2.1.3 Portable Download 2.1.3 Multi-Language