Programmer's Notepad is now on GitHub!

With Google Code turning down downloads, and my own source control use tending towards git recently, I decided it was time to move the Programmer’s Notepad code and releases.

Now available on GitHub:

I took the opportunity to merge the translations from pnotepad-trans back into the main tree, keeping them separate added un-necessary overhead and most contributors did not use Google Code to submit changes. Now savvy users can fork and issue pull requests, or edit directly using GitHub. A win for simplicity!

There are two main branches to look at on GitHub, the main tree which contains just PN for Windows, and the “peanut” branch which contains the work I began a year or so ago on a cross-platform port. You can run a simple single-window edit view on OS/X with the correct scheme applied, but that’s as far as it goes so far. The branch contains a significant code reorganisation for the bits of code used, and it will take time to merge with the main branch - if it happens.