Test Programmer’s Notepad 2.4

I have a candidate release of Programmer’s Notepad 2.4 ready, including the following changes:

What’s new in 2.4?

  1. Fuzzy matching in “Jump to” dialog, e.g. MTM for MyTestMethod
  2. New style presets
  3. New translations
  4. Delay Windows shutdown for file save
  5. Improved find dialog resizing
  6. Python Scripting Extension (PyPN) included as optional component in installer

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixes to XML/HTML tag completion
  2. UTF-8 Replace All and UTF-8 character code improvements for Regex search
  3. Fix for script recording due to Scintilla bug

Please help to test it, let me know if it’s ready for primetime!

Download Installer

Download Portable

Update: Users with unstable updates enabled should now see this update available.


  1. One bug for 2.4:
    1. Split one view in vertical
    2. Then focus on any view
    3. Split horizontal

    If mouse over splitter in h-splitter, mouse pointer is right,
    but when you move mouse to v-splitter, mouse pointer is wrong for direction.

  2. Glad to see an update!

    I would like to see a new feature of temp-save of files upon editing (after so long) and perhaps a temp-save of new documents someplace.


  3. Great work Simon, though I was hoping the following issues would be fixed:

    1. Hard MRU size for “Recent Projects”.
    2. Sorting of “Open Files” window items.