First Poll Results

A little while back I asked people a couple of questions to help guide future PN development.

The results ended up looking like this:

Is the fact that you can float PN document windows useful?

This question is concerned with whether the MDI window management system is helpful to people. I suspected that most users had windows maximised all the time and used the tabs to switch – i.e. MDI wasn’t buying them much. Here are the results:

Results of MDI Poll

18% of people were using the abilities of MDI windows and were very happy about them. Pretty much everyone else doesn’t care or would rather be able to split the view.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to drive any instant knee-jerk changes, but I’m keeping it in mind for future design work. I am definitely going to address the lack of split views, I’m just trying to decide how.

Do you use the individual output windows?

Here I wondered whether the hidden away option to use individual output windows instead of the global one for each window was actually being used – I suspected not. I was wrong!

Individual Output Poll Results

Lots of people use the individual output windows, and it appears lots of people have no idea what output windows are! I’m not sure whether this is because they have no need in their editing for tools and output, or are just unaware of the features.

I’ll be posting some more questions soon, and wanted to thank everyone who took the time to answer these polls or comment – it’s appreciated!