PN Usage Polls – Output Windows

I want to get a feeling for how some controversial features and configuration options in Programmer’s Notepad are used so that I can better work out where to spend my time. To do so, I’m going to run some polls and spread the word about them as widely as possible. You can really help both me and Programmer’s Notepad to improve by voting in these polls.

The first is to find out how you use the output window:

and the second is about the MDI window framework that PN uses:



  1. I’m not sure what the first question is asking. I use the output window for stuff like capturing JSLint output from the tool I set up… is the question whether or not I use that or some other feature I’m unaware of?

  2. There are two types of output window in Programmer’s Notepad. The
    default one (global) and you can also have the output placed in a pane
    alongside each buffer so the output isn’t shared (individual).

  3. If you’re taking feature requests, I love UltraEdit’s column edit feature.

  4. 1. I never use the output window
    2. I love the MDI framework

  5. There are a few things I’d love to have:

    As Jonas said, the column edit (or column typing) feature and also the TextMate’s snippets.

    Other than that, a plugin system so perhaps Xdebug or some other debug clients can be added (I’m not sure if this is already possible).

    Small “close” buttons on each tab.

    Thanks for this magnificent editor!

  6. I enjoy using PN. It is my favorite editor — lightweight, simple, and stable.

    I hate java based editors that do too much: they lock my system up and make me wait. I hate that.

    I use a couple of tools integrated with PN for Perl development. Specifically, perltidy and perlcritic. Both work very well with the tool integration, and I use the output window docked to the bottom of PN to capture their output. I also like PN’s ability to parse the output for line numbers and columns, giving me an easy way to click around in the file.

    I am still confused about a couple of items. I’m not completely sure how to add new tags / ctags. I have a couple of libraries I use frequently, and I would like to have custom tags to collect/highlight those items. That confuses me a bit…

  7. Just a suggestion for the next version;
    If it is possible, could PN have a feature that updates the
    CSS/HTML/other syntax highlighting?
    Right now I am using PN for the coding of my website, but the CSS syntax highlighting is still on CSS2 while I am coding in CSS3.

  8. If it is possible, I would like PN to COMPILE files.
    I would also like PN to have one more language in it: GML. The GML website is at :

  9. When opening pn the project tree always is completely unfolded, which is very annoying. I’d prefer the folding state is saved between invocations of pn.

  10. How about marking occurrence of selected word, very useful when debugging.

  11. I am a novice user of programmer’s notepad, and I woould like to ask for some help with the output window.
    After I compiled some C code for a microcontroller using a make all command, I dragged the output window down on the screen and now is lost. (I may have dragged-it outside of PN’s window or on the status bar of PN)
    I have tryied to find how to get-it back (on PN menu and on google) to no avail.
    How you set up the output window location.

  12. I’ve been using Programmers Notepad since 2003 and I think it is GREAT!

    I constantly use the output window for capturing compile output and I love the way it integrates the error outputs to source file locations. DO NOT under any circumstances take this away!

    Since over 1/3rd of respondandts dont know there are output windows then maybe we should be educating them on how to get the best out of PN.

    I often need multiple source file documents open sometimes for side by side comparison, sometimes simply because code is spread across multiple files. The file TABs are fantastic and I use them constantly. The MDI is great and I dont think window splitting is as usefull as the bookmarks (IMHO).

    Overall I think PN is a very mature program and to my mind the functionality of the output windows and MDI is very well designed and does not need more development.

  13. @Dorin
    Have you tried the View->Output menu (F8). I’ve used this when Ive dragged it off the viewable screen.

  14. @James
    Hi James,
    PN is an editor and not a compiler but it allows you to configure external compilers as tools and capture the output.

    Most compilers have an executable that can be called from a command line (a.k.a. DOS prompt). PN allows you to call this executable.
    Look in the Tools->Options menu and go to the Tools configuration. Here it will allow you to call your compiler and pass it the arguments it needs as well as configure capturing the output.

  15. 1. I love output windows (however I use mostly the main one, not so much the buffered one, but there must be at least one output window!)

    2. the question is a bit ambiguous, both the first and the third options are the same thing. I personally keep my windows maximized because I don’t like MDI titles of the windows taking space of my screen. A split stuff would be better, that is why I voted the third, however the first is what I am currently doing (because I don’t have the third). :D

  16. I Love everything about PN, I use it 18 hours a day every day. – I would love to see split windows and a better function tag finder than can see functions written like this:

    this.blah = function(e){return false;};

    But most importantly split windows! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!