Wordpress Naming

I wrote a while back about Wordpress using a similar naming scheme to that used for PN2 releases, there’s an excellent write-up of some of the release names chosen so far over on Ryan Boren’s blog.

Ever since the third release of PN 2 (2.0.3) PN releases have been named after my favorite jazz musicians. It started with coltrane (one of the candidates for the next wordpress release) for, obviously, the legend John Coltrane.

Next up was 0.4 with “miles” for Miles Davis, one of the best known and perhaps most accessible jazz artists. Wordpress has already been here! 0.5 ushered in the era of “mingus” - another wordpress release name. Ryan’s write-up of mingus is fantastic, every new bit of mingus I listen to provides something new - what an immense talent but less accessible than Davis.

Half way through the numerous 0.5 releases saw PN move from mingus to “herbie”. Herbie Hancock is one of my favorite jazz artists - a hugely influential modern jazz pianist. Head Hunters was a landmark album and both Chameleon and Watermelon man are pure jazz genius. Herbie Hancock was the artist that re-lit my interest in jazz and has had me looking back for old favorites and rediscovering the whole scene.

This brings us nicely to 0.6 and “ella”. I discussed Ella Fitzgerald in the release post for 0.6 and note that she has also been suggested as the name for the next wordpress release.

Coming up on the PN 2 roadmap are Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington. More to come about them with the releases!

As for Wordpress, go for Thelonius Monk. I just bought a couple of Monk CDs to experiment and they are fantastic - 0.6 “Monk”.