Ella Released - PN 2.0.6

A new release of Programmers Notepad, PN 2.0.6-ella, has been uploaded to Sourceforge for immediate download! This version adds lots of new features and schemes, and fixes lots of bugs. It marks the start of a new stable/development plan for PN 2 development. This is now the stable PN2 release and unstable releases will be more common. PN 2 is the recommended version of PN for all users.


Thanks to all the testers and developers that helped with this release, and a special thanks to those who have made donations that are helping to pay for hosting and other essentials.

Why Ella?

Ella Fitzgerald was a fantastic jazz singer, selling over 40 million albums in her lifetime. PN 2 releases are all named after jazz greats, and Ella is certainly welcome in this crowd! One of my favorite Ella tracks is a recording of her performing Mack the Knife live in berlin, such a great song and a great performance.

Download: the installer, or Read: the release notes

The md5sum for this release is 2504c3dd31c9a9daf4cbdcf17090b24f - check your pn206.exe (what is an md5sum?)