Programmer’s Notepad 2.3 Released

I’m happy to finally announce a new stable release, Programmer’s Notepad 2.3, has been released to our Google Code page. This release has focused on cleaning up many areas of 2.2 that were buggy or incomplete, and so doesn’t many large new features. Instead look for small improvements all over the place.

Headline Changes in 2.3:

  1. Jump dialog now filters results as you type.
  2. Custom scheme is now implemented as a PN extension, and adds extra identifier block comment types
  3. Double-click on tab bar (not on tab) starts a new doc.
  4. Miscellaneous updates to schemes to improve highlighting (including HTML5 elements and attributes).
  5. RTF export reworked, background colours now working better.
  6. Properties scheme folding.
  7. Select a URL and right-click to go to it.
  8. New German and Russian translations.
  9. Scheme Presets: Solarized (Light), improved Obsidian, thanks to contributors.

More than 25 bugs both small and large were fixed in this release, and it has had a good series of test builds to try and shake big problems loose.

Download 2.3 Installer
Download 2.3 Portable

You may also like to add the PyPN extension to your 2.3 install to get support for scripting/macros with Python: PyPN 1.1

Finally I wanted to say thank you to all those who make these releases what they are. Firstly to everyone who has contributed code, designs or ideas, and to all those who download every test build and provide feedback or bug reports. Next to the translators who have updated existing translations and added new languages for this release, thanks for your patience as we make more and more of the UI translatable. Last but not least thanks to those who have sent donations or gifts, I try to thank you personally where I can, but Amazon often doesn’t send me contact details – please know they’re all appreciated!


  1. The Link on

    to the “Whats new” section still points to the info for version 2.2.

    Might confuse some users. At least it did irritate me for a minute.

  2. Thanks otomo, I’ve updated the link.

  3. Im happy to hear the new ver PN’s released!
    I want to use the PN in Japanese….
    Im looking forward to release next time

  4. Thanks for this wonderful tool it is fantastic for programmers, you can compile Java with it, and it is very fast and so light!
    I’m downloading the upgrade.

  5. Good job! Thanks to all involved.

  6. Thanks for a really useful editor.

  7. This version crashes 100% on start on Windows XP with a “Runtime Error! This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way…”

    Further investigation shows a C++ exception is raised some time after calling GetProcAddress for “GetLexerFactory” in SCILEXER.DLL

    Unistalling and re-installing the program did not help.

  8. Can you make F3 work the same as enter (or clicking Find Next) in the Search dialog?

    That means to do a multiple search we can hit Ctrl-F, type in our search clause, and then straight away start hitting F3 to cycle through the matches without having to hit enter first.

    I think this would add alot of user convenience factor in certain situations, especially in files with lots of matches that we search often.

    BTW, works well in Windows 7 so far.

  9. Thanks for this wonderful released, I ‘ll get update soon.

  10. I stumbled upon this editor this evening. I am a long term user of SciTE. This is a like a (very) polished version of SciTE with the hard edges knocked off. Early days yet, but I can easily imagine that PN will be my new primary editor.

  11. I’m actually really annoyed by this new version. For some reason html tags don’t close automatically within a php script, which is a disappointment and if I don’t find a solution I’ll have to go back to the old version.

  12. Thanks again. Is there any chance of adding an option to “Sort lines and remove duplicates” to TextUtil?

    Although it’s just a case of searching “^(.*)(\r?\n\1)+$” and replacing “\1″ after the sort (at least for Windows and UNIX text files) it’d be nice to have it point-and-click for those of us with lousy memories, and I’m guessing that in the context of an extension it might be possible to check the line-endings for the current file before doing the replace.