Last Call for 2.3 Translations

I intend to release Programmer’s Notepad 2.3 as the new stable release towards the end of this week. One late bug fix has added a new string, so all translations need at least this one minor update. Some haven’t been updated in a while, so need a larger update.

Currently 2.3 will ship with the following languages in the installer/portable package:

  • Simplified-Chinese
  • British English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish

All translation files are stored in the Programmer’s Notepad Translations project, using a Mercurial repository.

My thanks to those who have already contributed to the translations in the 2.3 release!

Help Wanted
Want to help with updating any of these, or perhaps adding a new language? Follow the steps in the Translating Programmer’s Notepad guide on the docs wiki.

I’m also looking for someone who’d like to contribute to PN by looking after the translations, doing something like the following:

  • Keep a mailing list going for translators to ask questions/be notified of updates
  • Publish the status of translations (i.e. identify those that need work)
  • Update the translation kit and instructions as required
  • Help with the translation issues on the tracker
  • Help to keep the translations project up to date (not everyone can use Mercurial)

If you’re interested, send me a mail (s.steele at this domain) or get in touch via the forums/issue tracker.


  1. Jaap-Willem Dooge

    3.Double-click on tab bar (not on tab) starts a new doc.

    Thank you _O_

  2. Whats new link jumps to the version 2.2 blogpost

    Thanks for such great software

  3. Thanks Norik! I’ve updated the link.

  4. Might it be that the 2.3 portable package does not have the addional languages ?

  5. Huge, appreciative thanks for making the best notepad out there! (And free software to boot.)