Programmer's Notepad 2.1.4 Released

A new testing release, Programmer’s Notepad 2.1.4 has been released to Google Code. This release fixes a bunch of bugs, and big improvements to the text clips syntax. This does unfortunately mean a slight break with the syntax released in 2.1.2, but for good reasons. The updated syntax is now far closer to that supported by TextMate, meaning it’s easy to use most of the simpler TextMate Snippets in Programmer’s Notepad. Future releases will add support for more TextMate Snippet features. The lack of a bash shell means that many Snippets will not translate 1:1, but I aim to support at least Python scripting which will allow most Snippets to be converted with feature parity.

There is new documentation for the updated text clips syntax on the documentation site: Text Clips. To upgrade your clips you can probably simply replace all instances of $(…) with ${…}.

Changes in 2.1.4:

  1. Replaced the text clip parser with a brand new one, supporting placeholders and variables

  2. Allow text clip insertion using tab.

  3. Update tagging to use CTags 5.8, add support for new ctags languages, including batch, matlab, ocaml, …

  4. Custom scheme (schemedef improvements) including case sensitive option and various fixes and optimisations - thanks to Lennard Fonteijn

  5. Autocomplete fixes, better support for mixed tag and keyword autocomplete, again thanks to Lennard

  6. Updated Scintilla to version 2.11

  7. Distributed clips updated for new syntax


  1. Remove magic folder if add cancelled (#868)

  2. Fix overlapping UI element (#869)

  3. Fix error when enter pressed in command bar and no text present (#842)

  4. Fix annoying issue where keyboard cannot access menus from docking windows

  5. Remove system menu and min/max from docking windows (#776)

  6. Stability fixes for update check, fixes case where we fail to even open the wininet connection (#765)

  7. Correctly display status of File save modifiers (#836)

  8. Fix magic folder path changing. (#760)

  9. Default to UTF-8 file type if UTF-8 is our default code page (#821)

  10. Make sure modified state is retained when splitting view (#841)

  11. Fix incorrect matching with calltips (#792)

  12. Fix default style continuation thanks to Lennardfonteijn (#890)

  13. Don’t ignore case when matching MRU combo entries (#690)

  14. Change clashing keyboard shorcut, fixing paragraph navigation (#831)

  15. Remove length limit on quick find box (#832)

  16. Fix crash when clearing font size box (#870)

  17. Make sure we don’t try to cache too much from a single ctags line (#901)

  18. Support overwriting hidden files (#859)

  19. Make sure scheme command line argument is passed through intact (#899)

  20. Correctly remove autocomplete handlers when autocomplete aborted (#857)

  21. Fixed scrollbar being set to a width on an empty document (experimental, #897)

  22. Fix text clip completion list

  23. Various custom lexer fixes (#37 and others)

  24. Fixed Autocomplete not coming up untill before you saved a file

  25. Avoid reading zip file subfolders attribute, speed up loading

Downloads: Download 2.1.4 Installer Download 2.1.4 Portable Download 2.1.4 Multi-Language

Thanks to all contributors, translators and testers for their help with this release.