New Development Build

Now that the Mercurial code move is over and a whole bunch more bugs have been worked out, I’m happy to announce the first 2.1 testing release that’s being signalled for downloads. The new build is also available for download here:

Download Installer
Download Portable

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the various announced changes, 2.1 has these headline features:

  1. Full Unicode Support
  2. Support for Translations – PN in your language
  3. Prototype Command Bar feature (with PyPN)
  4. Multiple simultaneous selections, including typing into block selections
  5. Virtual space

There are also a lot of bug fixes, smaller improvements and extensions interface improvements. This release of 2.1 is close to what I want to release as the new stable build as soon as it’s proven at least as stable as 2.0.10.


  1. Is it time for those building from source to switch over to Hg?

  2. Yup, definitely time to switch. All new work is going into the Hg repository.

  3. Any pointers on what Virtual Space is and its usage?

  4. one update you did not mention but I found useful is the “split view” feature. Thanks.

  5. Glad you like it, knew I’d forgotten one!

  6. Is this version supposed to support the Image File Execution Options notepad.exe replacement? It doesn’t appear to be the case (PN is complaining the disk and/or file being missing).

  7. @anonymous: This happens when there are one or more space characters in the filename. Windows wraps in double quotes the path of the image to be debugged (i.e. “%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\notepad.exe”), but not the arguments (i.e. the text file).

    But this is not an issue with PN, or even a problem with IFEO. Actually, this is because of the way the default file associations are set in Windows. Notepad doesn’t require quotes around filenames; i.e. it will consider it’s whole command line as one, single filename to open, quotes present or not. So Windows doesn’t use any for notepad, by default. Whenever you shell-run a *.txt file with the IFEO’s Debugger option set, Windows just launches the debugger and passes whatever HKCR\txtfile\shell\open\command specifies (if it’s still “txtfile” for *.txt files), and by default it is: %SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %1 (see, no quotes). Hell, long ago I made myself a context-menu shell add-in so I can open any file with notepad, and copied over the same command line.

    To fix this, you (the user) would have to add quotes around notepad’s argument wherever it is used, starting with HKCR\txtfile\shell\open\command (or whatever your handler is for *.txt files). Or, the dev could implement, through a new switch, a notepad-compatible mode, where PN (after the ignored “notepad.exe”, using -z) would assume the remaining arguments of the command line is just a single file, quote or not, just like notepad.

  8. @johnwait: Ah, thanks for the explanation and the solution. That definitely worked out :)

    Having to do this for each and every occurrence in the Registry is extremely painful, though. I agree that any arguments passed after -z (excluding the executable path) should probably be assumed to be part of the single file argument.