Announcing pnotepad-plugins and TextUtil 0.1

I’d like to introduce you to a new Google Code project, pnotepad-plugins. If you can’t tell from the name, this is a contributors-welcome project for Programmer’s Notepad plugins. Everything you need to make plugins using Visual Studio (Express should be fine) in one repository. The repository is stored in Mercurial so you don’t even need to be a project member to use/fork/branch the code.

The first plugin in pnotepad-plugins is TextUtil, it serves not only as an example but also hopefully as a useful plugin too. The first release of TextUtil is now available, and comes with the following commands:

I’d love to see people store their plugin code in this project, and move things forward.

Download TextUtil 0.1 for PN 2.1 now.

To get started just drop textutil.dll in your Programmer’s Notepad directory, and run pn --findexts.