Trunk Now Open for 2.1 Changes

This post is probably only of interest to those playing with or working on the code for Programmer’s Notepad.

Programmer’s Notepad 2.0.10 RC is now out, and with that the code has been branched in subversion to the rel-2-0-10 branch.

This means that the trunk is open for big changes again, and there are some relatively big changes on the way - in fact for the next few weeks expect the trunk to be broken fairly often. Here are the changes coming in:

  1. Fixing the Unicode build - 2.1 will be released as a full Unicode rather than mixed mode build

  2. Updating to the newest Scintilla code, error handling model has changed completely

  3. Moving to Visual Studio 2008 SP1 for development instead of 2005

  4. Updating Boost to latest release

Apart from this (!) I don’t intend on taking many changes before 2.1 is released. You can see the current suggested list of items to fix in the tracker: Ellington Issues.