Programmer’s Notepad 2 0.10.1010 Released

This is the release candidate for Programmer’s Notepad 2.0.10 – a new stable build!

Almost all changes since build 970 are minor fixes, with the exception of the additional support for XML API files (supporting Notepad++ format). Providing no major issues are found, this will become the stable release, and I plan to test the update mechanism for stable builds soon by signalling this as the new stable build.


2.0.10 RC Installer
2.0.10 RC Portable Zip

Changes in this build:

  1. Find word under cursor updates user search options
  2. Allow all mini toolbar buttons to live on the main toolbar (#446)
  3. Fix a leak with huge find in files matches.
  4. Fix line numbers when very long lines are in the source files (#129)
  5. Fix find next across multiple documents (#510)
  6. Fix multiple file opens from exporer (#508)
  7. Enable api-based autocomplete supporting notepad++ format (#142)
  8. Updated D language keywords and other bits (#484)
  9. Manual “Check for Updates” command under Help (#469)
  10. Mini toolbar slightly too small (#461)
  11. Disable properties controls when write-protect is enabled (#449)
  12. Fix inconsistent spelling of colour in options dialog
  13. Support word wrap in output window (#382)
  14. Avoid win7 bug hiding find in files dialog (#488)
  15. Make sure readonly is disabled during revert (#380)
  16. Provide option to disable mini toolbar (#470)
  17. Try to fix mini toolbar button size issue (#501)
  18. 24-bit images for mini toolbar where high colour is not supported (#342)
  19. Fix crash when finding with no text (#463)
  20. When close on Find Next is disabled, really don’t close (#473)
  21. Remember the last goto line
  22. Avoid a bug when reading invalid ini sections (#443)
  23. Fix bug preventing copy from output window (#412)
  24. More low-colour toolbar images for downlevel OS support (#518, #513)
  25. Minor const correctness fix for extensions

Thanks to all the users who have put time and effort into reporting and following up on bugs, testing, and contributing patches.


  1. What’s up with all the windows going away on first run? Is it supposed to be like that?

  2. The reason for that is that with the previous release there were complaints that when running PN for the first time it looked cluttered and complicated – and that put people off. I decided to expirement with a more simple out-of-box experience.

  3. Oh, OK. It just surprised me ’cause they were there for a second and then took off.

  4. Yes, it would be nice if I could have them never show up on first run, but that’s going to take some more work on the docking windows stuff :)

  5. Thanks, Simon. This has become my favorite editor. I am now using it for Fortrans, Latex and general text, with appropriate tools defined for the two first ones.