Programmer's Notepad 2 0.10.1010 Released

This is the release candidate for Programmer’s Notepad 2.0.10 - a new stable build!

Almost all changes since build 970 are minor fixes, with the exception of the additional support for XML API files (supporting Notepad++ format). Providing no major issues are found, this will become the stable release, and I plan to test the update mechanism for stable builds soon by signalling this as the new stable build.


2.0.10 RC Installer 2.0.10 RC Portable Zip

Changes in this build:

  1. Find word under cursor updates user search options

  2. Allow all mini toolbar buttons to live on the main toolbar (#446)

  3. Fix a leak with huge find in files matches.

  4. Fix line numbers when very long lines are in the source files (#129)

  5. Fix find next across multiple documents (#510)

  6. Fix multiple file opens from exporer (#508)

  7. Enable api-based autocomplete supporting notepad++ format (#142)

  8. Updated D language keywords and other bits (#484)

  9. Manual “Check for Updates” command under Help (#469)

  10. Mini toolbar slightly too small (#461)

  11. Disable properties controls when write-protect is enabled (#449)

  12. Fix inconsistent spelling of colour in options dialog

  13. Support word wrap in output window (#382)

  14. Avoid win7 bug hiding find in files dialog (#488)

  15. Make sure readonly is disabled during revert (#380)

  16. Provide option to disable mini toolbar (#470)

  17. Try to fix mini toolbar button size issue (#501)

  18. 24-bit images for mini toolbar where high colour is not supported (#342)

  19. Fix crash when finding with no text (#463)

  20. When close on Find Next is disabled, really don’t close (#473)

  21. Remember the last goto line

  22. Avoid a bug when reading invalid ini sections (#443)

  23. Fix bug preventing copy from output window (#412)

  24. More low-colour toolbar images for downlevel OS support (#518, #513)

  25. Minor const correctness fix for extensions

Thanks to all the users who have put time and effort into reporting and following up on bugs, testing, and contributing patches.