PyPN Script Repository

Like the idea of using Python scripts to enhance Programmer’s Notepad but not sure where to start? James Yoneda has created the awesome ScriptShare website for exactly this purpose:

Scriptshare in Google Chrome

Scriptshare in Google Chrome

There are a bunch of scripts already there, and hopefully you will add yours too! We’re working on getting this moved over to eventually.

My thanks to James for putting this effort in and creating such a useful site in such short time!


  1. Download link ( for scripts is broken. Other than that, this rules. Finally got me to install PyPN and look into how it works. So far I’m super impressed at how easy it is to build useful additions.

    Now I’m thinking about how I could streamline my workflow using PyPN scripts :D

  2. Thanks for the report Pat, I fixed that bug. If you find any others, there’s a “send feedback” link at the top, I love bug reports.

  3. (This is a feature request. I tried to do it through “Request a feature…” menu option but it said “Artifact: Only Artifact Admins Can Modify Private ArtifactTypes”.)

    So, I have a feature request! XD

    * Alt + N to select tab N (until the 9th).
    * And Alt + Left/Right arrow to select the adjacent left/right tab.

    Thank you!