Programmer’s Notepad 2 0.9.921 Released

The latest testing release of Programmer’s Notepad 2 is finally out. There are plenty of fixes in this release, and a few minor new features too. Of particular note are the following:

  1. Updates to the extensions interface allowing extensions to create menu items

  2. International input fixed (I know this will please a whole bunch of users)

  3. Read only edit protection cleaned up

  4. More text transforms, also available from context menu

  5. Tab to space and vice versa conversions fixed

  6. Notepad’s .LOG feature natively supported

  7. Fix a problem using PN on the Windows 7 beta causing PN to hang on exit


There is a new PyPN release supporting the updated plugin interface:

Thanks to all the users who have put time and effort into reporting and following up on bugs, testing, and contributing patches.