Programmer’s Notepad 2 0.9.853

Turbo Pascal Preset Read only, browser and open files

Mark All

Today I released a new 0.9 build, here are the highlights:

  1. Create file backups when saving (option, defaulting to off)

  2. Updated some of the images in Find dialog and main UI, read only indicator now uses a tab image instead of text

  3. Extension configuration now stored in user settings directory, meaning this works on Vista without an admin prompt

  4. You can now choose to poll for updates of testing releases (like this one)

  5. Uncomment now works for multiple line-comment lines at once

  6. New keyboard shortcuts for line comments (if you haven’t customised your shortcuts, you’ll get Ctrl-, and Ctrl-. as defaults)

  7. Fixed a crash when going to the Advanced options page

  8. Added a new Turbo preset for Turbo Pascal lovers

  9. Improved the ZenBurn preset

  10. Default scheme font on Vista is now Consolas, still Lucida Console on XP and below

All that, and just since mid-September when .840 was released. If you missed that one, you missed all this:

  1. Allow opening workspace files

  2. Restore editor windows when jumping to a line or tag

  3. Improve regular expressions support (Xpressive now working just fine)

  4. Works on Win2k again

  5. Don’t hold directories open after selecting files

  6. Support explorer context menus in Browser, Open Files and Projects items

  7. Added Mark All (you can’t configure the colors yet, but that’s coming!)

  8. Find in all Project Files

  9. Find next across all open files

You didn’t think I’d been slacking did you?! There have also been lots of behind-the-scenes changes to improve stability and the quality of the code. Not too much more to go now before a new stable release is born. Then onwards with the push to 2.1.

You can download the latest bits here:

0.9.853 Installer

0.9.853 Portable

I’ve also updated PyPN to support Python 2.6 as well as 2.5 and 2.4:

PyPN 0.9.853 for Python 2.4

PyPN 0.9.853 for Python 2.5

PyPN 0.9.853 for Python 2.6