Hansel-link, so that's where the traffic came from

I was out last night, and noticed when I got back that for a brief while the pnotepad.org server had stopped responding. I didn’t really look into it but this morning it all became clear as I read my feeds in Google Reader. Scott Hanselman has a great review of the use of WTL in Chrome (Google’s new browser) in his latest Weekly Source Code.

He linked to an old article I wrote way back when on the Joys of WTL. Fun to see my own words quoted back at me on Scott’s blog! WTL is still the UI framework used for Programmer’s Notepad 2 and in the most part has served very well.

I’d also downloaded the Chromium code to go spelunking into their WTL use having read the excellent post from Peter Krumins’ blog on Code Reuse in Chrome.

Interestingly Google include the WTL code in their distribution, this was something I’d been thinking about doing for PN to reduce the number of steps needed for people to build PN. It would also help with the fact that PN 2.0.9 needs changes currently only available in the WTL Subversion depot.