Context-Sensitive Python Help

Over on the forums, Michel Claveau shows how he gets context-sensitive help for Python code in Programmer’s Notepad:

  1. Check where your python help file is (e.g. c:\python25\doc\Python25.chm)
  2. Install keyHH from
  3. Create a new tool in PN:
    • name: Python context Help
    • command: c:\windows\keyhh
    • parameters: -MyHelp -#klink “%w” c:\python25\doc\Python25.chm
    • shortcut: F1
  4. Use it!

Open a Python-source-file, click on the middle of a “strategic” word (examples: “time”, “sys”, “open”, etc.) or select the entire word, like “time.sleep”, and finally press [F1] and [Enter]

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