Programmer's Notepad Released

Version has been released to SourceForge.

Changes are:

  1. Added Rename shortcut to project context menus (you can already rename using the two clicks convention)
  2. Added $(ProjectProp:) and $(FileProp:) tools shortcuts, these retrieve values from project item configurations
  3. Added alpha settings for line highlight, new default colour to make use of alpha
  4. Added option to disable folding
  5. New code templates feature (try typing “if” and then Edit->Insert Template in c/c++)
  6. Now supports custom ctags tagger definitions (see in taggers\ctags directory)
  7. Added Open Containing Folder, Open in Default Folder and Copy File Path to various context menus
  8. Text clips now cached in user settings directory to avoid user needing to change files in install path
  9. New extensions method pn_get_extension_info, new options page showing loaded extensions
  10. New extensions types for passing strings safely with stored allocators

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Line numbers toggle not updated when default (SF Bug #1729577)
  2. File corruption with utf-16 files > 65536 characters (SF Bug #1741342)
  3. Some php keywords only being matched in uppercase
  4. Tabs/Spaces override changes don’t save (SF Bug #1632540)

Download Programmer’s Notepad

[Installer]( > > [Zip]( > > [Portable Zip]( > >

This is a candidate build for stable release. If no major problems are reported I’ll be releasing this as

There’s a new PyPN release to go alongside this latest build:

Download PyPN 0.6