The Interviewee Dummy Bit

Before applying for a job, take a moment to read through your CV. Have you listed skills or experience with technologies that you’ve only had the briefest exposure to? Be very careful about how you claim knowledge of these technologies, or you are likely to find that your interviewer will flip the dummy bit on you.

If I read your CV and find that you have worked with “FlurbleGibbet” for quite some time and my company is also working with the same technology, I’m very likely to test you on the subject of FlurbleGibbet. Here’s an example of a recent interview session:

Me: I see that you have used FlurbleGibbet in a couple of jobs, what level of skill would you say that you have with this technology?
Interviewee: Oh very advanced.
Me: Excellent! Given that, can you please explain to me the basics of FlurbleGibbet as if I were new to the technology?
Interviewee: Hmmm….
Me: Ok, don’t worry. How about the “Gibbet++” feature, are you familiar with that?
Interviewee: Oh yes, definitely.
Me: Great, can you tell me a little about how you would use it?
Interviewee: Errrrm.
No, not really.

Can you see the point at which I flipped the dummy bit on this interviewee? To help, I’ve highlighted and underlined it above! If you come into an interview and lie about your knowledge or abilities, you are very unlikely to get the job - think before answering! If you have a technology on your CV that you have only passing familiarity with, then at least be honest when asked and say so. Even better, make it clear on your CV that you have a passing knowledge rather than real skills.