Text Clips by Keyword

The next version of Programmer’s Notepad features an extension of the existing “text clips” tool, allowing insertion of clips/templates directly into the editor by keyword.

Best understood in action:

(if you’re reading this post in a feed reader, you may be missing an embedded video here!)

The clip files are not 100% compatible (at least so far). The keyword-based clips use a slight extension of the original format tying each file to a particular scheme (C++ is demonstrated above) and adding a shortcut attribute to each clip.

All feedback is welcome, the new pn-devel build available from SourceForge includes a prototype of this functionality. Note you have to create the .clips files manually for now.

By the way, apologies for the poor video quality, discussion forthcoming!

One comment

  1. This is awesome. Programmers Notepad is becoming all I wanted from a text editor. The “stable” version didn’t lacked HTML-autocomplete, but when I tried the unstable version with autocomplete, I was sold right away.

    I have a very trivial feature-request though, could you make the interface look less 95′ish (I’m talking about the internal windows/tab row etc.), it doesn’t integrate well into the XP/Vista look atm.