Build 667 and PyPN 0.5

A new development build is available on Sourceforge, get it here:

Download PN

Also: Zip Distribution Portable Edition Zip

This build introduces the global scheme management changes that have been promised for a long time. This means that (where the schemes have been updated already) you can change a single colour and have keywords, numbers, properties and the like use that colour in all schemes. It does need some schemes to be updated to work properly which is ongoing work.

Styles Options

The build also finally seperates HTML/PHP schemes from the original Hypertext and adds a PHP Script scheme for pure PHP files (i.e. ones with no ) in them.

Other changes are of more interest to extension developers. The tagging interface has been removed and a new one created within the standard extensions framework. The ctags tagger is now an extension - users should notice no difference.

There is a new extension discovery mechanism, simply run PN with the “–findexts” argument and config.xml will be updated with all found extensions.

Finally there are a couple of new extension points in the interface allowing extensions to respond to events when documents are saved and loaded (before and after respectively).

PyPN 0.5 has been released at the same time, providing compatibility with the new build along with some minor fixes and support for the new events.