Built-in Lexers

Programmer’s Notepad 2 uses Scintilla as an editing component. A lot of the language highlighting is performed by Scintilla’s built-in lexers. I haven’t had time to create scheme files for even half of these languages/lexers yet - and if you think I’m joking, then here’s the list of built-in lexers in the scintilla code:

ada, adpl, asm, asn1, au3, ave, baan, bash, blitzbasic, purebasic, freebasic, bullant, caml, clarion, clarionnocase, conf, cpp, cppnocase, nncrontab, csound, css, eiffel, eiffelkw, erlang, escript, flagship, forth, fortran, f77, gui4cli, haskell, hypertext, xml, asp, php, phpscript, inno, kix, lisp, lout, lua, matlab, octave, metapost, mmixal, lot, mssql, nsis, opal, batch, diff, props, makefile, errorlist, latex, pascal, powerbasic, perl, pov, ps, python, rebol, ruby, scriptol, smalltalk, specman, spice, sql, tads3, tcl, tex, vb, vbscript, verilog, vhdl, yaml

and here are the lexers already in use in PN schemes:

ada, asm, cpp, xml, latex, matlab, octave, props, batch, makefile, diff, errorlist, pascal, perl, python, ruby, sql, tcl, vb, vbscript, vhdl, hypertext, css

SciTE has properties files that are about the only reference for the styles used for many of these languages. I wrote about this back in December last year, describing the conversion from the scite files to the PN scheme files. Looks like a push to get a whole bunch more of these converted would be a good idea. There is a perl script that needs finishing off that takes much of the hard work out of this.