Shell Extension

What is a Shell Extension? It’s an add-on for Windows Explorer allowing extension of context menus, windows and other features of your shell.

There is now a shell extension for Programmer’s Notepad allowing you to have a shortcut for it on the context (right-click) menu for all files. This is not only convenient but ensures that opening multiple files at once from Explorer works properly. The extension will be included with the next release of PN2 but you can download it now and install it manually if you can’t wait that long!

Download the shell extension now!

To install the shell extension first download the zip file and place its content (pnse.dll) in your Programmer’s Notepad directory (normally inside Program Files). Once you have done this you need to register this extension. You do this by running the regsvr32 program:

regsvr32 pnse.dll

If you get a message about missing dlls required to run then you will need to download this file: