Occasional Tastes

I have always liked to think that I have a broad taste in music and that anything goes. However, it turns out I’m a bit of a music snob when it comes to Dance, Hip Hop and other currently-trendy chart music. I find it difficult to get into anything that doesn’t include people playing real instruments. Part of me thinks that it’s ok not to like this stuff as it’s not really music in the traditional sense.

Occasionally, I find that I get into a track that I really shouldn’t like. Surprise is usually followed by a guilty purchase of the track which I’ll listen to for a few months until it starts to slip off the radar again. One such track was Freestyler by the Bomfunk MCs. I have no business liking tracks like this, but something about the track just wouldn’t leave me alone and I kept finding myself humming it and drumming along.

The latest such track is Gold Digger from the Late Registration album by Kanye West. Generally I could completely give hip-hop a miss. However, the Ray Charles sample in this track is so infectious and the vocals amusing that I ended up buying it on iTunes eventually and am still enjoying listening to it.

What are your occasional tastes?