Standard C Clips

Michael Peterseim has contributed some text clips for standard C, available for download and with the next version of PN 2.

Michael came across a problem defining a couple of his clips, he wanted to use the names #include “” and #include <>. In order to use these names in XML, they need to be represented using standard XML entity declarations: ` <![CDATA[#include "|"]]> <![CDATA[#include <|>]]>`

Note the use of the pipe “ ” character to place the cursor in a clip when a user selects it. If you have text clips of your own that you think others might find useful feel free to send them to me.

Interestingly Michael used some blank clips to act as categorising headers within his clips. One of the feature requests for PN2 is to allow tree-like nesting or grouping of text clips. It would appear that this could be quite useful. What do you think?