Comments On PN

Here are some comments on PN that I’ve received recently:

Just thought it'd be nice to get in touch with the developer behind Programmer's Notepad and congratulate you on your achievement. I've been using it for around a year now with various large projects in numerous programming languages (namely php). I can't fault the software in an way and think more people should know about it. Keep up the good work ;-) -Lee
Just got around to downloading again (for the project grouping). Magic folders. Wow. I love you. -Marc Gray

A bunch of simple ones:

- first of all thank you for a great editor! - Great software. Keep on with the good work ! - I am using PN for the past 8 months and I really appreciate your efforts in offering a very good editor. - Hey just saying thank you for developing such an effective product! I use it whenever writing a program and it has worked very well for me so far. - PN has made my coding much simpler and faster. - I like PN 2 and use it almost everyday. Thanks for great tool! - Programmers Notepad is a great tool. Thanks for developing it. - Thanks for the nice editor and incorporating my feedback! - PN2 Version 0.5 is really a great programmer's editor. - I have just started to use your great text editor. I like the lightness of the tool and the way it's easy to approach.

I wanted to say thanks to all those who e-mail me or leave comments here just to say thanks - it’s a nice treat amongst the bug reports, support and feature requests. However, I also wanted to pass on my thanks to those who take the time to test releases, report bugs, contribute code and generally help me to make PN what it is. Thanks!