New Blog

I have decided to move my blog from the Programmers Notepad website to a separate domain. I wish to use my blog to write about more than PN so it makes sense to keep the blog elsewhere. This will be the new home for all such blogging, and I will make RSS/Atom feeds available for just the PN related writings.

I’m using WordPress on this site in a hope that the speed of development of anti-spam functionality is going to stop the flood of spam I’ve been receiving on the PN blog site where I was using Movable Type 2. WordPress is written in PHP and is thus more accessible to me for coding, I just can’t bear to work in Perl. Hopefully this will allow me to reduce the amount of spam to near 0.

I understand the reasons behind the use of mass-mailing and google-bating for market position enhancement but what really upsets me is the type of thing that people are using these techniques for. I regularly get comments containing links to explicit (and often highly illegal) sex sites. I find this completely unacceptable as do, I suspect, the vast majority of bloggers. I only hope that as time goes on we develop ways to prevent these activities and also to find and punish those who attempt to carry them out.