untidy.net :: untidy c++(Last Update: 2nd May 2003)

This bit of untidyness is where I hide some useful code that I like to have to hand no matter where I am. The code is mostly released either into the public domain or under a license such as the BSD license - a very open and promiscuous one.

1. SRegistry - A registry functionality wrapper class.

2. XMLFragment This is a set of fairly complete wrappers for MS-XML functionality, compatible with multiple versions of the library. These make it very easy and quick to write MSXML-friendly code.

3. XMLParser Not MS-XML-tastic? Want a cheaper, faster XML parser? Expat is your friend. This set of classes provide an easy-to-use wrapper around expat, allowing for a number of different SAX-style parsing methods to be implemented simply.

4. WTL 7 NT4 Patch This is a patch for WTL 7 which fixes some bugs that can appear when you want to develop for both XP+ and NT4 operating systems. The most obvious side effect of these bugs is menu corruption. This is a patch file that can be applied using GNU patch.

To apply the patch open up a command prompt and change into your wtl70\include directory (having saved the patch there).

Type this:
patch -b -p1 < wtl70nt4fix.patch

You should see:
patching file atlapp.h
patching file atlframe.h
patching file atlmisc.h
patching file atluser.h