Software Tracking

While playing around with new search engine Cuil I stumbled across a software tracking website I hadn’t seen before: Wakoopa

Sign up for Wakoopa, install a small piece of software and they will track your software use and build up an online profile showing this information. In return they’ll recommend software for you and let you know about new versions. Seems interesting, and you can see a bunch of users of Wakoopa also like Programmer’s Notepad: Programmer’s Notepad on Wakoopa. When I looked, 101 users had clocked up more than 370 hours of usage, across Mexico, Norway, Iran and the Netherlands (amongst many more). Hello international users!

Using Wakoopa reminded me of Ohloh - an open source software tracker. Ohloh concentrates on tracking contributions to open source software, and analyses the source code and commit history for open source projects to build up interesting metrics on each project. Some interesting statistics from the Ohloh Programmer’s Notepad page:

162,795 C++ Code Lines (with a further 29,856 lines of comment) 79,622 C Code Lines (with a further 12,076 lines of comment)

The ratio of comment to code for Programmer’s Notepad 2 is 15.5%, and was only 9.6% for version 1 - clearly I’m getting better behaved in my old age. Statistics are also provided for each developer, and I can see that my Median Commit Rate is 10 commits per month changing 2,200 lines of code - that’s a lot of code for an evenings and weekends project. Of course some of my commits are code contributed by others - don’t want to take all the credit!

You can click the button below to add your support for Programmer’s Notepad at Ohloh: