Sourceforge Statistics

Sourceforge have finally released their updated statistics software and the graphs for pnotepad are looking good: Sourceforge pnotepad statistics.

The “pn-devel” project is showing a rough download average of 120 downloads a day - that’s a lot of downloads! The vast majority of these are for the most recent release, with a 88/12 split on exe/zip downloads, the installer is far more popular but there are still a good number of people who prefer zip builds.

Interestingly, PN1 (in the “pnotepad” stable project) is still showing roughly 90 downloads a day. I think with the next release of PN2 it’s time to try and make sure it’s stable enough to put the old version out to pasture - offering it only for users who want the old software with the hex editor.

Of about 700 downloads of PN1 in the last 7 days, 10 of these were the source for an older non-current release. Source for PN2 is currently only available from the CVS server.

At this point it’s time for the regular reminder that pn2 will get a hex editor, all in good time.